The word “soccer” is a shortened version of “Association Football” which is the technical name of what we in the colonies refer to as “that game with the kicking and the ball.”

Throughout this blog I will do my best to remain true to my upbringing which is that of a nervous Jew who sometimes accidentally adopts other people’s accents. As such, sometimes I’ll refer to the sport as “soccer” other times as “football.”

I promise this is not out of pretension, but simply the way my brain works. Most likely, however, when I’m referring to something European or specifically British it will feel too weird to write “soccer” but honestly, who can know for certain?

I will promise this: I will NEVER refer to my apartment as a "flat" nor will I ever refer to a truck as a "lorrie." Although I do like telling Brits that I knew a girl named "Truck Friedman."