It's been an interesting week, to say the least. 

First, my favorite sporting event of the year: the North London Derby. Arsenal v Spurs. So much drama, so much terror, so much fun. 

Then, my short film "Record/Play" went live on the New York Times website.

The day I found that out, I also discovered that a post on this blog was picked up by The Guardian as part of their weekly feature of the ten best pieces of sports journalism on the internet

I knew that the NYTimes thing was going to happen... I had NO IDEA that the Guardian thing was even possible. They are literally my favorite source for news. It was a huge honor. 

And now, unrelated to those two things, I'm also happy to announce that I'll be contributing to the very fine website Spurs-Web. The site is a great source for news, recaps, and all things Hotspur related. 

My first article went live this morning. In it I revisit the Arsenal-Spurs derby and why I think the majority of people got it wrong. Please read it, comment, and enjoy the site!