Week 2 and I'm already tired. So much soccer, so much watching, my internet can't handle all the streams... I need a break! Just kidding, I am freaking quaking in my boots in anticipation for another weekend of sport.

So here are my picks of the games to watch: 

If it wasn't for the fact that my brilliant little baby boy D. will be just finishing his morning meal at 7:45AM thus beginning my "parenting" shift, then I wouldn't touch Fulham v Arsenal with a 10foot pole. Look: I'm a Tottenham fan and we hate Arsenal, but this isn't the sort of game that gets me up in the morning. Fortunately for me I won't have a choice. 

This may well be a very fun match. Fulham's mercurial Dimitar Berbatov has been joined by mercurial Adel Taraabt, this year. That plus human spinning top, Scotty Parker, should make Fulham pretty interesting. As for Arsenal... a loss at home to Aston Villa followed by a win away in the Champion's League Qualifier should leave them hungry for a first PL victory.

After that, it'll be Aston Villa v Liverpool for me. Christian Benteke is easily one of the most exciting strikers in the league, netting 3 times already in the young season, and having scored 8 times in his last 8 games. Also: he's Belgian (see my upcoming series on why Belgium is going to beat your team in the World Cup). Liverpool is still without Suarez, and looked shaky against Stoke last weekend. Villa beat Arsenal on the weekend and, despite losing to Chelsea midweek, look like a strong midtable team, exactly the kind of team that Liverpool struggled with last season.

On Sunday I'll be watching Spurs v Swans. No question about it. Both teams scored 5 times in Thursday's Europa Cup games, both teams play fluid attacking football, and both teams have strong midfields. This will be the game of the weekend, and an important one for Tottenham to win. For more on this game read Spurs Fanatic's great preview. 

Finally Monday's game. There's much to say about that but, in short, this is the big one: the preview for the battle for the league. Chelsea travels to Manchester United and two heavy weights go one on one in a wrestling match for the gladiatorial reward, of the living chess match that is the non stop no-holds barred battle for the... you get the point. There will be lots of hyperbole about the importance of this game, and it will be really fun to watch, until RVP scores twice in the first half and Chelsea look the ordinary side that they actually are. Still, I'll be watching. 

Here's the entire schedule for the weekend games (all games EST)


Cardiff v Man City 10M
Tottenham v Swansea 10AM 


Man Utd v Chelsea 3pm



Fulham v Arsenal -- 7:45AM
Everton v West Brom -- 9AM
Hull v Norwich -- 9AM
Newcastle v West Ham -- 9AM
Southampton v Sunderland -- 9AM
Stoke v Crystal Palace -- 9AM
Aston Villa v Liverpool -- 11:30AM